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The best chess tournament rules companion ever! Tim Just, the rulebook editor, uses everyday language to answer questions from players, TDs, organizers, and the scholastic community through a wide range of topics:  notation, draws, byes, clocks, prizes, prize funds, ratings, making claims, playing sites, time controls, pairings, tournament management, tournament creation, scholastic chess mysteries, and even more. The Just Law bonus material includes a list of rules Successful Player Habits and the Just Law Jargon list of common US Chess terms. Every player, TD, organizer, and club needs this book. 
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By Tim Just & Wayne Clark: Bobby Fischer is not alone in creating antics away from the chess board. His understudies, the royal game’s players, fans, coaches, parents, tournament officials, and hangers-on, have created their own “tales from the wild side” escapades. This book chronicles those tales. Over the board chess experience takes a back seat to these anecdotes of human interest, human follies and quirky behavior. Lean back and enjoy this peek at human conduct on the sidelines of the chess universe.
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