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Q:  What time do I set on my chess clock?
A:  The preferred time control is Game120 inc 30, which means if you have a clock that you can set for increment time controls you should set it for G/120 with an increment of 30 seconds (30 seconds added for each move). If your clock is a digital delay only, then set it for G/145 with a 5 second delay.  Analogue clocks can be set for G/150.   A properly set increment clock is the top choice for equipment in this tournament, followed by a properly set digital delay clock with analogue clocks being the last place choice for equipment.  You might also find our web page on Increment Info helpful.  Only players in the 3 day schedule and Open section, using the increment time controls, may qualify for a FIDE rating.  

Q:  Do I have to take notation?
A:  If you are using the increment time controls you must take notation for every move, even in the last 5 minutes of the game.  For non-increment time controls you must take notation until the last 5 minutes of the game.

Q:  What is the policy on rebates?
A:  If you were an early entry and an ICA member (or played in the National  G/30 and/or G/60 tournament) you can get a $5 rebate by requesting one at the tournament site, see Rebate Info for the details. Our side events do not qualify for rebates.  

Q:  How do I withdraw?
A:  Simply go to the TD's table and sign the withdrawal list before you leave the tournament.  We prefer that you do this at least 1 hour before the start of any round. This will insure you don't get paired for the rest of the tournament and cause another player to sit and wait for you to arrive after you have withdrawn.  You can also call the TDs.

Q:  How do I get a bye?
A:  Simply go to the TD's table and sign up for a bye on the bye request form.  You are allowed two half-point byes for this tournament.  Make sure we know what round(s) and section you will need your bye(s) for.  Bye requests for the last round need to be made by the end of round 1.  All other bye requests need to be made at least 1 hour before the start of the round.  You can also request your byes when you enter.  

Q:  What is your cell phone policy?
A:   Please set you cell phone to vibrate.  Do not talk on your cell phone in the tournament room.  If your cell phone causes a disturbance you may lose the lesser of 10 minutes or half your time on your clock in your present or future game.  If you are a spectator you will be asked to leave the room.  

Q:  What is a re-entry?
A:  A re-entry allows you start the tournament over again with a smaller entry fee.  When you start over you can choose to play on a different round schedule or you can play on the same schedule with the appropriate number of byes.  All the games you play from your original entry and your re-entry  are rated, only your best score will count towards prizes.  See a TD if you plan to re-enter the tournament.  

Q:  What if I think I will win a prize but I can't wait at the site to pick it up?
A:  Leave your name and address and we will mail you your prize within 2 weeks.  

Q:  Do I have to play in my section?
A:  Yes, unless your rating is under 1800 and you  pay an extra $10 to play up from the Reserve section into the Open section.

Q:  If  I enter the Under 1400 section will I play against only other players rated under 1400?
A:   Nope.  There are only two sections, Open and Reserve.  Those Under designations are for prizes only.  The Under 1400 designation is not a section but a prize category.  You can win prizes if you are the best scoring player rated under 1400 (or whatever prize category you qualify for) but you may be paired with any other player entered in your section, in this case the Reserve section has players rated all the way up to rated 1799.  You also qualify for the under 1600 prizes if you are rated under 1400.  

Q:  What if I need to make a claim?
A:  Stop your clock and get a TD. If you only have a question find a TD but don't stop your clock.  

Q:  What if my opponent is not there at the start of the game?
A:   Your opponent has 1 hour to arrive (30 minutes in rounds 1-2-3 in the 2-day schedule).  If your opponent does not show up by then see a TD to claim your win.  If you are playing whitestart your clock and  make your move. Then immediately start you opponent's clock if they have not arrived at the start of the round.  If you are playing the black pieces then simply start your opponent's clock.  

Q:  How do I report the results of my game?
A:  On the pairings sheet that listed your and your opponent's names, board, and color, you can place a 1 (won), 0 (loss) or .5 or 1/2 (draw) next to your name to indicate your result.  Many players also enter the result for their opponent.  If you do not report the result of your game you may not get a proper pairing for the next round.  

:  What if there is a "Please Wait" next to my name?
A:  A "Please Wait" means you have an automatic win because we could not find an opponent for you due to there being an odd number of players in your section.  If you stick around for the first few minutes of a round, and let us know you want to play a game, we might be able to find you a game with a player not entered in the tournament (a house person).  

Q:  What is all that stuff on the wall chart?
A:  The wall chart is just a way to keep tract of things.  For each round you can see what color you played (W or B) and who you played (your opponent's player number).  You will also see that each time you win a 1 (or .5 for a draw) is added to your score from the last round you played.  The wall chart also contains your USCF ID number and indicates what rounds you have requested any byes in.  

:  Do I have to join USCF to play in this tournament?
A:  Unless you sign up as a tournament member only then  you have to join USCF to play in this tournament.  See a TD regarding tournament memberships.

Q: What if I see a mistake regarding my byes or game results?
A:  Report it right away to a TD.

:  Can I play in both the Illinois Open and a side event, even if some of the games overlap?
A:  Yes.