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Rebate information and regulations

1.  $5 rebate to all ICA members that pre-register for the 2009 Illinois Open and request the rebate at the tournament site. And/Or,

2.  $5 rebate to all players that pre-register for the Illinois Open and played in either the US G/30 or US G/60 (paying the full EF playing for cash prizes) and request the rebate at the tournament site.   

4.  Rebates are available only to pre-entrants.

5.  Rebates must be requested at the site and not deducted from the entry fee.

6.  Rebates are only available for the 2009 Illinois Open.  The Friday G/30 and the Scholastic G/30 do not qualify. US G/30 & US G/60 entries not playing for cash prizes do not qualify.