All rules, regulations, and procedures may be superseded by announcements/postings at the site.    

Q:  What time do I set my clock for?
A:  The time control for this tournament is Game and 30 minutes (G/30) with no delay (d/0) for all scholastic sections.  The 1600 & Higher section plus the U1600 section are Game and 45 minutes (G/45) with no delay (d/0). 

Q:  How do I report my game results?
A:  We will announce at the start of the tournament how you can report your game result. 

Q:  What if my game results are incorrect?
A:  You and your opponent should find a TD and you both have to verify the new game results.  

Q:  What if I don't have an opponent?
A:  Often players show up late for their game.  In the first round you may get re-paired; however, in later rounds you just have to wait.  If  your opponent does not show up you will get an automatic win.

Q:  What does it mean when I check my pairings and it says "Please Wait?"
A:  It means that at the moment we could not find an opponent for you because there is an odd number of players.  Find a TD in your section and let them know about the "Please Wait" message.  Sometimes they can still find a game for you.  If they can not then you get a free win!

Q:  Can I use my cell phone?  
A:  Using, or even looking at,  a cell phone, or even letting it ring, will result in a penalty against you.  Cell phones disturb other players and sometimes others even accuse honest players of using their cell phones to cheat.  

Q:  Do I have to take notation?
A:  Yes, for sections 1600 & Higher, U1600,  U1200, & U 700. No notation is required in the Non-Rated section; however it is strongly suggested. Without a score you will have a tough time making a claim.  

Q:  Do I have to belong to the USCF?
A:  Yes, unless you are playing in the Non-Rated section.

Q:  What rating supplement will be used for this tournament?
A:  The most recent USCF rating supplement for the month the tournament is being held. 

Q:  What if there is a problem in my game that I need help with?
A:  Raise your hand and a TD will come over to help you.

Q:  Can my parents or my coach watch my game.
A:  At the start of each game we ask the parents and coaches to leave the playing area.

Q:  What if I have to withdraw?
A:  Have a parent or coach sign you out of the tournament.  That way in the next game we avoid some other player having to sit and wait for you to arrive when you have already left the tournament.  

Q:  What if I have to use the restroom during my game?
A:  Raise your hand and ask the TD for permission to use the restroom.  

Q:  Will I have to play a game against another member of my school team?
A:  We will try to avoid pairing you against another of your team members; however, sometimes in rare cases it can't be avoided.  Since there are no team prizes in the 1600 and higher section & the U1600 section team members may have to play each other.

Q:  Do I have to use a clock?
A:  Yes.  Borrow one if you have to. Without a clock you will not know if you or your opponent took too long to move.  Besides if a clock does become available late in your game the TD will have to split the used up time equally between you and your opponent, even if your opponent took longer to move than you.